If you’ve any questions that aren’t answered in our FAQ guide below don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

Why choose us?

Sage is very useful but complex software. We are sage professionals and embraced with deep knowledge of the software. We can assist you in any sort of issues who gather while working on the Sage Software. We are available 24*7 and you could call us toll free on +18443134857 or you can write to us about your concern.

What are the benefits of using sage products?

Sage is a big software. It is a full stack accounting software with numerous products which can entertain any type of business requirement. It has a built in payroll system with features in abundance which could help you take good business decisions. To understand more about the benefits of the software you can reach out to us at +18443134857.

Will you charge me if my issue is not resolved?

Our foremost aim is customer satisfaction. We would only charge you once your query is resolved and you’re satisfied with our work. We believe in assisting the customer and make him understand more and more about the software. We are available on +18443134857 and we are here to help you.

How can I sign up for this service?

It is an easy task to sign up for the sage service. You can visit our website and sign up with us. Our website offers lots of content which would resolve 80% of your queries and for rest we are just a call away. You can also call us on +18443134857 and sign up for our services instantly.

How remote support service is better than traditional service?

Remote service gives you a chance of understanding the situation and solution in a better way. You can quickly grasp the procedure which has to be followed while in the traditional way it difficult to understand the solution since there is no practical assistance. By sharing the web screen you can always understand the issue and also how to conquer it.

What if my issue is not resolved?

We would try and defiantly resolve your concern within the due time. In case the issue is not resolved we would provide you with an alternative for your concern so that you can carry out your in time task. To resolve your concern we would come back with a solution and give you a call back. If we’re unable to guide you, we would not charge you for anything without your consent.

How do I know if I need new accounting software?

There would be signs which would arise while you’re using your software. It might be slow report extractions because the data in not readily available or when you start observing inefficiencies in your employees in their day to day work. Whenever you have a doubt, you can always get your software checked and take reasonable advice.

Can I transfer my existing data to the new Sage Software?

Yes, it can be easily done. You can always create a backup for your existing data and can create company files. All this data can be uploaded into your Sage Software. Before you install and start with the software the sage representative would always ask you about any data transfer. You can also call us at +18443134857 and we would help you transferring your data.

When will my software be out of date?

The software would not expire. Every year there is a new software update which would upgrade your software with new features and technology. You will be prompted to update you software and you can do it anytime thereafter. If you have a concern in upgrading you can call us on +18443134857 and we would assist you in software up gradation.

What should I do in case I misplaced my Sage 50 key?

Sage key is an important credential. It is a unique number which is specifically for your Sage software. This key is used whenever you are installing the software or updating the software. If you lose this key it is a very difficult process to obtain it back. You can call us on +18443134857 and we can assist you to pull this back.