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Why Sage 50 Live Chat is your Helpdesk?Sage 50 live chat support


The Live Chat option is made available to you so much so that at times when you are the most dismayed with problems and pertaining to the use of Sage 50 we might help you out. Moreover, at times it becomes a hindrance calling us or even emailing us due to various impediments. In such cases, do not panic and talk to us via our Live Chat support system. Tell us what’s bothering you and we shall definitely help you out. We are online 24*7. If we are not online, you can leave the questions and we shall get back to you at the earliest.

How do you contact us? Well, in case you are a Sage 50 customer, follow the steps given below and talk to us:

  • Go to the
  • Select the error bothering you from the search bar eg. Upgrade error.
  • If the information has been unhelpful, click on NEXT.
  • Select how you would like to contact us and vice versa; i.e. phone, email, chat.
  • Now, click on the Sage 50 Live Chat , and tell us about your problems. We’d love to help you.

Our highly experienced chat representative will then look to the depths of your problem you are facing. All you have to do is, describe the nature of your problem and will provide with necessary solution to your problem.

What is Sage 50?

Sage 50 is software which used for small-scale businesses. The software aids in billing, invoicing, inventory management, security and analytics. It is used in a vast range of industries ranging from construction to distribution, manufacturing to non-profit organizations and even accounting sector. The software consists within itself in-built data-checks which enable you to find general accounting mistakes and doubtful transactions.

Why we are here?

Sage 50 being associated with construction, distribution, manufacturing, non-profit organizations and accounting sector, many problems or issues might spring up causing hindrance to its usage. Such hindrances or problems range from installation, update and upgrade related issues, along with which you might not be able to reach us via phone or email. Don’t worry! We’re 24 * 7 available to chat. So, if you need help, tell us about your problems on our Sage 50 Live Chat.

Features of sage 50:

  • Security: Sage Audit security functions enable users to keep an eye on who is using or editing or even accessing particular functions.
  • Keep Your Cash On Track: If you want to keep track of your cash, you would definitely require Sage 50. This is because the software easily records all your purchases and expenses easily.
  • Mobile and Online Invoicing: using Sage 50 you can easily send invoices from anywhere using mobile with an internet connection.
  • Payroll Services: The in-built Payroll services make it very easy to keep track of the payments to be made to employees, maintaining tax reports, etc.
  • Flawless Dashboards: Using Sage 50 you can easily speak of the position in which your company starts. Thus, it helps in creating immaculate, blemish-fewer dashboards.
  • Analyze Business Performance With Greater Ease: Sage 50 aids you in providing flawless reports on taxes, future expenses and profits. This means that you and your accountant have accurate data to analyze business-related performance.

Sage 50: Error

There was a problem connecting to Sage 50″.The error takes place basically on the machines with Sage 50 2013 SR1 version. The error occurs while you try to enable the Sage 50 plugin Sage Exchange. It is mostly in linked with the API’s keys pertaining to registration.

Fixing the error

For such cases, we request you to contact Virtual Terminal Support for an early troubleshoot function.

Using Sage 50 might lead you to some error, in such cases you might not know what to do, we advice you not to worry. Rather, contact us at +18443134857. You can either ring us up or send us an email. However, if you cannot reach us in the above mentioned manner, use our Sage 50 Live Chat facilities and talk to us. We’re always happy to help.

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Please make sure your browser allows the pop-ups, and you have no plug-ins enabled that could prevent the Chat window from opening as it may act as a hindrance.

*If a chat option isn’t available in your language, you can access the English-language chat 24 hours a day.

Talk to us

Help chat with our experts online or have us call you right away. You can also schedule a time for our customer support unit to call you whenever you’re ready. Answer a few questions and we’ll give you the most suitable options.



  1. I can’t transfer reports to Excel.
    I can’t get reports of Sage as of Last week. When i try,
    I get kicked out of Sage 50

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