Sage 50 Cannot be Started is caused due to various possible reasons like

  • Dropped VPN Connection
  • Missing, damaged or incorrect files in Data Path
  • Any antivirus or firewall blocking Pervasive or any other Sage 50 file.
  • Not enough or less space available in the Hard disk
  • Damaged or deleted windows user file or program file.
  • Incomplete installation.
  • Server is not able to locate system/workstation by IP Address or name.
  • Pervasive is missing or running.
  • Drive – not mapped as admin.
  • Incorrect or invalid data path.
  • UAC (user accounts control) has blocked pervasive.
  • Program blocked by Internet security.
  • Malware or virus found in the system.

These are the reasons and causes due to which Sage 50 cannot be started, there can be some technical and functional issues also and it may be difficult for the user to locate the exact cause behind the error and how can it be resolved. Here we are in such cases. You can visit our website and you will get all the solution and respective information on our website. Our Sage toll free number +1-844-313-4857 is also made available by our expert for our customers’ convenience. Contact us on our Sage 50 support phone number and get all necessary solutions.

Before that, we are mentioning some of the resolution methods that will help you in getting the problems resolved.

How to resolve Sage 50 Cannot be Started Error

Method 1: It is a common solution to the problem.

  • You need to restart pervasive on the system that is holding the data.
  • Now, try to open the software, if it opens – software error is resolved.
  • If you are working on a network and the workstation is getting the error but not the server, restart pervasive on workstation.

Method 2: First, you need to identify common cause. For that, run Sage Advisor Diagnostic test.

Note: You to follow such steps on the steps that is getting the error. If you are on a network and all systems are getting the same errors, you need to perform such steps on server.

  • Go to Start –> All Programs –> go to Sage 50 Accounting –> Resources & help –> Technical Support Utility –> Sage Advisor Diagnostic tool.
  • Click on Agree.
  • At this step, you need to select all the tests that we are listing below and then Run selected tests.
    • .NET Error Check – see at the bottom for the result.
    • Company Location Test – if you find >OK at the end of each company file, that means all files are in correct location
    • Data Path Permissions Check
    • Locked Files Check
    • Workgroup/Domain Check
    • Product INI files Check:
    • Firewalls Check
    • IP Address Check
    • Needed Files Check
    • Server Access Check

Why Choose Us?

These are the certain file checks that you need to go through and some error which can pop up like Sage 50 accounting could not be started. If you leave any of the file checks, the Sage 50 Cannot be Started error may remain in your PC. In such cases, you can contact our technical executives. Visit our Website for information and solutions. Live Chat Support system is there on our website. You can also contact us on our Toll-Free Number +1-844-313-4857 for resolutions on call. Our E-mail support is also there for our customers, you can send us an e-mail with query and our team will revert you with the solutions.

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