Terms & Conditions

By signing the terms and conditions, the user of this website,holds, defends  & indemnifies along with its subsidiaries,directors, officers,affiliates, employees, licensees, consultants, agents & suppliers along with other third party entities that are harmless against and from all claims, losses, expenses, costs, actions, demands, liabilities and damages. This agreement with the T & C’s also include the fees that are charged by the lawyer affected, in support with the misdemeanor of all the term materials used and which are mentioned within the terms & conditions which follow. Moreover, the above goes hand-in-hand with the ill-treatment of any of the provided services along with the use of any similar method that causes the severance of security of the in-fragmentation of services via any other personnel who is using the account of the intellectual property which belongs to you or that of sage.mysupportphonenumber.com along with the third party entities. You are authorized to inform sage.mysupportphonenumber.com as soon as there is breach/severance and/or piracy taking place from your account.

Liability Limitation

Sage.mysupportphonenumber.com provides full assurance of giving maximum liability according to the market price of a particular product or particular service that has been purchased. In case of least amount of liability for a particular product or service, the company is not liable for any claim in wrongful contribution, contract, indemnity or other such claims on that product purchased.

To conclude, this also entails any or all claims of running down in resistance of customers. Example: malfunctioning, loss suffered by business, interfered service or delays faced due to third party entities .

Responsibilities That Are Ours

We at sage.mysupportphonenumber.com, will undertake all the required tasks diligently , being very professional  and will keep you updated about the progress. However, if any of the information provided by us should prove to be wrong, we are in no manner, liable.

Specific Individuals Work On Specific Tasks

To prevent any anomalies from our point in serving you, we shall allot specific tasks to specific people, that is to say, our employees are very skilled in the verticals they work in.

The Responsibilities Of The Customer

The customer must be readily available to provide instructions to us. The customer(s) must also be prepared to be away from his/her business/home during the course of the job. Please provide us means to contact you.


The Goods & Service Tax is 10%. The estimate & quoted rates in this agreement are inclusive of GST.

Estimate Of Costs & Fees

Sage.mysupportphonenumber.com has made all efforts to provide you the estimate & cost. However, it must not be considered absolute or fixed and is subject to change. We shall, in such cases, inform you of any such changes in the costs & estimates.


You’ll be charging in favor of Sage.mysupportphonenumber.com land owned by you (as security) for all such money that is owed to us. Moreover, you authorize and agree to register a caveat over the land in case of non-payment of any amounts of money which is own to us.

Additional Costs

All costs that are extra or additional, including professional fees & GST incurred by us, shall be paid off by by you.


You agree to pay all amounts that are due within agreed time period. However, the payments must not wait beyond 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice unless agreed in from the date of invoice unless you’ve agreed otherwise; in writing by one who represents sage.mysupportphonenumber.com

Destruction Of Files

The files shall be destroyed 7 years after the job is done.

Terminating The Agreement

The agreement made between you and us, may be terminated in case a conflict of interest crops up or if :

  • You ask us to act for you in an unethical manner.
  • In case you do not pay that which is due to us.
  • In case you’ve breached the agreement.
  • In case you do not give us proper instructions.
  • In case you are no longer to be considered legally as someone with whom the Agreement can be made.

Seeking Independent Advice

You may seek an independent advice pertaining to the Agreement, so much so that you may understand the Terms & Conditions prior to sign it.

Amending Terms & Conditions- Our Rights

sage.mysupportphonenumber.com reserves the rights to amend and/or revise the Terms & Conditions. In case we do amend or revise or even change these Terms & Conditions, we shall notify you in writing. You must accept the revised terms & conditions. However, if you do have an objection, you shall make it known unto us; of the same, within seven days time.

By Signing the T & C, you agree the following:

  • It is up to us, sage.mysupportphonenumber.com; to set any amount of credit that we owe to you/your business enterprise against any debt due by you to us, as we desire.
  • You must not withhold any amount with respect to your claim. I.E.  you must make payment to us irrespectiveof the claim you may have.

Severence & Waiver

In case a part of this agreement is found either nullified or illegal or any of the provisions remaining cannot be enforced; then that very part shall be considered as severed from the agreement that has been made. Thus, the part that has been severed or cut off from the Agreement, shall not impact the validity of or capability to be enforced of the remaining T & C. If there is a waiver of our rights that are under this agreement, it must be shown in writing & must be signed by an authorized representative of sage.mysupportphonenumber.com.


All legal documentations are deemed to have been done in accordance with the legislation of The United States of America.

Internet and Cloud Security

sage.mysupportphonenumber.com is not liable for any security issues pertaining to internet & cloud. To be more precise, it is your duty & task to see that you take care of the security of your PC and the your documents in the Internet and/or Cloud.